Affordable accurate tax preparation


In order to know how your company stands you need to know what it has. Accurate record keeping will allow you to know what you have coming in and going out. You will be able to compare costs, check records, easily isolate potential probems and inefficiencies, and be able to better target stremlining programmes that are to be put in place.

Beiing able to instantly spot differences between months, quarters or years should help you to target cuts for the future. Record keeping will help you record what is due and when so you are always on top of your bills thus avoiding late fees and nasty letters. We can sit with you to help set a budget so that you can recognize when cuts are needed so you can plan for the future.

Accurate and careful bookkeeping throughout the year will be better at the end of the year. When it comes time to prepare your business taxes, whether a sole puroprietor or more formal business structure your records will already be in place, saving you time in not having to find records all at once. ACR Finanancial Services will keep your records and offer to prepare your business taxes in a timely manner, so that no deadlines are missed and avoid other fines and penalties associated with this.

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