Affordable accurate tax preparation

Who is ACR Financial Services?

For over 15 years, Alastair Ratcliff, MBA has been providing tax and investment analysis advice to US and international individuals and Commercial Enterprises. Having prepared thousands of Tax Returns throughout this time ACR Financial Services was founded in recognition that the law must be upheld in all areas. Laws for taxation and finance are based on figures and in adherence to this there is no reason which t should not be accurate.

Knowledge of the law and an appreciation of how and why it is applied are cornerstones to the work ethic at ACR Financial Services. The law is complicated, but on the whole is fair. Alastair Ratcliff's ambition to see it accurately applied is paramount in ACR Financial Services' policy of never settling for mediocrity and of never calling anything complete until we are 100% satisfied that it is accurate.

The use of software to complete tasks is necessary, but it is not an excuse for laziness. Without an understanding of the concepts it is merely data entry.

What is the use of information, without an understanding of it?

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