Affordable accurate tax preparation

Tax Preparation

It cannot be changed, the IRS is what it is. Whether we agree with it or not, they collect taxes to fund programs. The purpose of filing a tax return, by the given deadline is to ensure that the correct amount of tax has been charged and/ or collected. Plus of course there are the additional credits which may not have been taken into account beforehand which are appropriate given a particular status.

Whether you need the services for an Individual (personal/ self-employed); business (corporations, partnerships, LLCs); Tusts/ Estates, the tax code is complicated, with exceptions to many situations. At ACR Financial Services we know the difference between data entry and Tax Preparation. With something as personal as taxes, it has to be done right, and done on time. There is no reason to ask for an extension, there is a due date which should be met by your tax preparer.

Why raise extra red flags with the IRS, when it is not necessary? Also receive your refund in a timely manner. At ACR Financial Services we will act for you in a prompt accurate fashion. Learn more about out Individual, Business, Estates/ Trusts tax services here.

At ACR Financial Services you are never just a number, we do not push you to include things that either do not benefit you, when they are not legally required, or things that would cause unnecessary scrutiny from the IRS.

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